Our solutions are not there to control you or change your routines
They are there to empower you and adapt to your lifestyle

7 AM - Rise & Shine

Imagine waking up to the sun rays gently guiding you into the day, just at the right time. No alarms, no fuss. Calm music starts soon after, the temperature is perfectly set and a nice cup of coffee or tea is already brewing.
This is all possible with just a few tweaks of our Smart Home Systems.

Waking up in smart home bedroom
Smart home kitchen

8 AM - Ready for the Day

The kids are taking too long to wake up because they stayed up till late playing games?
Just call them through the intercom while prepping breakfast.
Effortlessly adjust every aspect of your home such as the lights, temperature or music through voice commands.

9 AM - Leaving the Nest

Garage doors open, front door unlocked and the car ready to go.
All waiting for your departure.
As soon as you are out it can all go back to full-security mode, or you can do it manually through your phone.

Driveway of a Seattle Suburban Smart Home.
A middle aged woman coming back to her Seattle, WA smart home.

7 PM - Back from Adventure

Whether you had a fruitful day outside or you spent most of it in your private home office, it is nice to come back to a warm and peaceful environment.
Your favorite music is creating a stress-free ambiance and the lights create just the perfect mood to unwind, have a hearty meal and relax with your loved ones.

10 PM - Well-Deserved Rest

Catching up on your favorite series or greeting guests for a Friday evening party.
The night is yours for the taking.
Just tap a button to close the shades, dim the lights and let the worries of the day melt away.

A loving couple spending a nice evening together in their smart home.
The veranda under a starry sky of a smart home with a massive display showing the galaxy.

11 PM - Peaceful Dreams

Make sure the lights inside dim down and the music fades out.
Your family is almost ready to go to sleep now, but after such a long day, you need just a few moments more.
Go outside where the landscape lights provide just enough illumination to give you the feeling of comfort and security…
Take a look at the stars and be grateful for this wonderful day.


Your loving home can become so much more if you embrace the future – now.